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About Us

Hearing Specialists of Kalamazoo is the premiere hearing healthcare practice in Southwest Michigan. With over 40 years of combined experience, our audiologists provide comprehensive, personalized hearing healthcare to people of all ages and walks of life.


Our mission is to provide professional audiological services and hearing health care while developing excellent rapport with our patients by giving individualized attention and personal, compassionate care. We seek to improve quality of life and maximize communication by listening to the patients needs, accurately diagnosing their hearing loss and providing a vast array of communication solutions and cutting edge technologies to meet the needs of the patient.

We have accounts with all of the major hearing instrument companies so that we can order the most appropriate product for each individual patient. After the hearing aids have been dispensed, we provide comprehensive counseling and training, as the patient goes through the important processes of adapting to their new hearing instruments.


A good relationship between the patient and the audiologist is critical to having a successful outcome with hearing aids. We realize that the prospect of having hearing loss and getting hearing aids can be overwhelming, both emotionally and functionally. Not only are we there to provide technical skills, but also to educate and lend the emotional support necessary to achieve success.


For all of your hearing healthcare needs, we are “hear” for you!

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